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CreditPer partners with Knowledge Platform to help make access to education easy for the underserved and unserved

CreditPer has recently partnered with Knowledge Platform, a leading ed-tech organization in Pakistan, to make access to digital education, easy for students and parents from the underserved and unserved segments of society.

CreditPer and Knowledge Platform CEO's

The plight of education in Pakistan

There are only around 1 million school-going (grade 1-10) children in Pakistan, out of a total of 49 million, who have access to a dedicated educational smart device. In light of the new normal that is affecting multiple industries, schools and students have also been at the mercy of unprecedented back-and-forth’s between on-ground and online classes, which are a feat in themself.

This means that ~98% of students are significantly affected and disadvantaged when it comes to education and learning opportunities.

What is CreditPer doing about it?

CreditPer has recently partnered with Knowledge Platform, a leading ed-tech organization in Pakistan, to make access to digital education, easy for students and parents from the underserved and unserved segments of society.

How does this partnership help the underserved?

Knowledge Platform, a pioneer in ed-tech, has launched Pakistan’s first educational device in collaboration with GSMA and CreditPer.

The device comes pre-loaded with a subscription of choice, of learning programs offered by Knowledge Platform for all students. The preloaded programs & tools include Parhai Buddy, an AI enabled state-of-the-art digital learning coach, which can assess students’ learning gaps and set a learning plan based on individual needs.

The learning plan includes curriculum-aligned digital content for K-12 students., Exam Prep Master (Learn Smart Pakistan), 1-on-1 competitions, and teacher assistance.

So, for nominal and affordable down payments and installment plans, students & parents from underprivileged backgrounds can have instant access to:

  • Comprehensive suite of learning programs
  • Library of content including videos, games, and assessments

Such a device is, in itself, a game changer for Pakistani students and parents, but enabling & facilitating easy access to it via Shariah compliant, digitally available credit via CreditPer, which can be repaid in installments of customers’ choice, is expected to eliminate the digital divide in education in Pakistan.

Our goal with this device is to bring education to every household in Pakistan at an affordable price.

How to get one of these devices?

One can easily get the device of their choice recommended by Knowledge Platform, on installments through CreditPer with instant financing options. To increase mobile adoption, CreditPer is offering easy installment plans to meet unique individual needs.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the CreditPer app and register your account
  2. Browse products and select a device recommended by Knowledge Platform
  3. Set your desired down payment amount and installment plan, and apply to buy the device #CreditPer

Once your application for credit is approved, which usually takes no more than 24 hours, the device will be delivered to you upon down payment being made, and you can use a single device for up to 3 kids for the whole of the next year!

By the time the year is up, you would have paid the amount of the device in full, and will be all set for the next year’s education plan for your child or children.

Pretty neat, isn’t it

What’s next?

This device offers everything a student requires to study. From learning solutions to affordable installment plans, this can be a game-changing solution for the educational landscape in Pakistan.

The project has been recognized, and nominated for the Global Mobile Awards, by the GSMA as a best mobile innovation for the emerging markets, and is considered an outstanding contribution to the UN SDGs.

“CreditPer is on a mission to bring affordable and accessible credit for every Pakistani to improve their lives, and this partnership with Knowledge Platform as Pakistan’s leading education technology organization, helps us in the pursuit and fulfillment of this mission. Parents will be able to order the Knowledge Platform education device, access Learn Smart Pakistan’s learning solutions & Parhai Buddy (Pakistan’s first AI-based learning coach), and mobile connectivity, all from the comfort of their homes and places of work. Additionally, they will also be enjoying swift loan approvals and product delivery from via CreditPer, thus being empowered to better equip their children for online learning. At CreditPer, we are honored and thrilled to be a part of this initiative to help eliminate the challenges (of device affordability) faced by a majority of Pakistani students.”

Owais Zaidi,

CEO & Co-founder, CreditPer 

“We are honored to be the change makers in the ed-tech industry. Affordable devices and internet access are key barriers to online education. With the launch of this educational tablet, we have moved a step closer to our goal of bridging the digital divide. Through this deal with CreditPer, the device is available on installments to people with low income-streams, providing them access to personalized learning, digital content, games, assessments, and data. Over the years, the way education is practiced has evolved rapidly and it is good to see tech companies joining hands to transform education.”

Mahboob Mahmood,

Founder & CEO, Knowledge Platform

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